Rohto is a world leading company for a cosmetics product.

Pradip Mandal-Brand manager

         Rohto-Mentholatum Nepal 


1) What is Rohto? What are the major services of Rohto in Nepal?

Rohto is Japanese multi-national company. It is around 120 years old Japanese multi-national. Currently we are doing business in more than two hundred and fifty country all over the world. So, company is a very big company. It is Japanese and American Collaboration Company.
Head office of parent company in japan. So, for Nepal context, in Nepal we have started business in the year of 2014 AD. Now in Nepal we have cosmetics products. Recently we have lunched mentholated product and pharmaceutical products as well. And some the category eye drop category like Rohto is a world no one company. So we have recently introduce eyedropper also in Nepal .we are very new in Nepal .But in future we will lunched lots of products. Rohto has been almost more than 2000 brands, but currently Nepal has lunched 12 brands. So, In future we will lunch more brands, more product and we will invest more amount in Nepal to health and beauty.

2) How many employees can work in your office in Nepal?

Now we have a tow importer. One importer for cosmetics product and another importer are for pharmaceutical products. They are importing and distributing the product. Currently we have in Nepal around 35 person team. end of this year, we have a planning to like entry around 60 people.

3) How many kinds of products you have lunched in Nepal and what was their market situation?

Currently we have pharmaceutical products, recently we have lunch eyedropper the cosmetics product we have like facial kinder, sunscreen, cream, means grooming product so on. So we have like all kinds of cosmetics product. we have some anti-hair fall treatment, some delma medicine also. These products are already we have lunched in Nepal. we are in Nepal from 4 and half year. During this period we are getting very positive response from the Nepalese consumer. so that Rohto is also thinking to invest usage amount in Nepal. And Rohto product is available all across in Nepal. feedback is very good and Rohto is very much positive for that only.

4) In your experience, what are the opportunities and challenges of business in Nepal?

In cosmetics product, all multinational company’s product available in here. So the competition is very top in cosmetics products. And every company having their own marketing strategy. every company have same kinds of product. So, market is not easy. Nepal is small country but all multi-national company having present here. That is one thing and we have major problem facing fake product also. Now a day we are facing a lot of problem from fake product. It is major challenges for us. These products are very cheap. And consumer also likes to initially buying the product but one day they find product is not good. Suddenly they are blaming on the brand. So it is not only our problem. I think each and every branded company facing same kind of problem. I think government is responsible for taking care of everything.
Opportunity concern sees cosmetics segments like in Nepal is very interesting kind of market. Best party likes Nepalese people want to use every time new product. So that, it is very much sign of opportunity for every cosmetics company product in Nepal. Other country’s people having very conservative minded likes in changing product, using new product, they are not like accepting new product easily. But Nepal concern, that is the best product, Nepalese people are love to cosmetics product and they are buying new product and again definitely. Quality that is of the mean things that also they believe. If quality is good, people are using product on regular basis. That is one of the best platform Nepal market.

-Interview taken by Risab Gautam/Janardan Neupani

Published: 19-8-2018

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