My Advice to PM Olijiyu about Re correction the Mistake!

Kathmandu, 12 jan 2021
Whatever Hon’ble PM KP Olijiyu done with the about the constitution,country that was the very wrong. It is not gives any good result whatever PM thinking and expecting from the his sense for fresh election.
Because of the doing election that decision taken by the only PM and his own supporters team but not by the whole legal system of government and legal of law, and constitutionly rights.
Every politicians of Nepal and political parties already saying parliamentary dissolution should been held wrong, which was taken decision by own accord by the PM Olijiyu.
So and yes it’s true, that due to this event and actions held by PM Olijiyu is totally seeing wrong and due to this even he himself damaging his own reputation of gained politics and political work.
Because of the as a my expertise and study experience of about political thoughts says that, This gives and directions that PM Olijiyu should against of democracy ,Second he have plan to re establish monarchy governance and Third he have plan to proof wrong to F PM Pushpa kamal Dahal jiyu and push them and his groups again in violence which peace already taken by the country through the constitution and legal system after the long struggling.
But about king : its i don’t mean that ,king is not good ,king is good only one sense of symbol of peace of the our country and for the safety of country without the destruction system of democracy and federalism system of Nepal .
But now also Nepal need to exercise to improve and become successful of this federalism system by the experiences political and analyzer expertise and by all the youth and oldest politicians along with all parties.
Through my researched about Neplease political strategy and experience ,i declare through this massage that now Neplease citizens don’t accept any monarchy governing and nor any hard decision of monarchy, Second Neplease people don’t want to again any fights.,
Now what Nepali people want??????…..Ans
They just want and at present needs to choose only way of education and peace and freedom which can fulfilled by the constitution rights democratic parliamentary system of Nepal. But in my sense i think their also need to be modified for more advance radical things policies and along with reduce bad and avoid wrong rights.
So for the king : My opinion is Nepal need to it adjust by the constitutionly system, where our king become most Honourable example of Nepal among of the world. But king cannot take and need to governing power of country until Neplease people don’t want and circumstances not be appear.
So at last my suggestion to PM Olijiyu that re correction the has done mistake by you and for that take advice of all Political Parties ,Court decision and activate i mean release the system of House of representatives. And now since coming time Hon’ble President of Nepal need to take right decision ,which means for the…?
“Honourable NEPAL not for the pocket of President of Nepal but President of Nepal for lead by the system of Nepal for Nepal, which made honour of Nepal by the Nepal for the President of Nepal “.
By Neplease lover for Nepal and it’s soil of Nepal !
Important Notice for our Court and chairperson of this constitution of Nepal, that taking your decision never forget your Code of conduct for Rights of Nepal ! Chair person of this constitution of Nepal and Court of Nepal and it’s involved judges and all the lawyers ,it is the request of sincere, sensitivity and expertise person of Nepal being first Nepali ,that plz do your decisions freedomly as you has been taken your oath before the joined your job for the devoting your work for true giving truth justice for Nepal and work for that for Nepali’s, and all the Nationalities and their all the global people and this earth under living in our country.
So this time you have the responsibility to about making your true justice for about our country Nepal through the constitutional rights system of federalism rights and Law of Nepal’s right, Present of democracy right and whole Neplease rights, ahead this you have no any mammoth person’s where you all consider to bring any good or flexible decision for their safety of people for their country. So, for maintain this never sell your true honesty of duty of justice.
Just play your role without any hesitation .Just work out for our land of Nepal and country of Nepal and earth of Nepal and our whole system of Nepal ,which designed and directed by the our new constitution of Nepal. After this also open their file who killed Madan Bhandari???? And belonging all event. ….? Because of the Nepal is country of peace and for lighting of peace so consider this justice is important to the ending of crime which is practically happened and happening by the political power of Nepal. Thank you and hope justice establish by you all. By Expert Paras Nath Mishra by TIF to Nepal!

फेसबुकबाट तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया